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SureSafe Licenced Auto Body Repairer is focused on, and committed to, providing a leading edge service to all of its customers. SureSafe will do this by:

  • Operating as a SureSafe licenced organisation and therein offering certified technician using manufacturer approved equipment.
  • Developing and fostering a customer and supplier friendly culture.
  • Building and implementing a robust quality management system that outlines details SureSafe methodologies and processes.SureSafe Licenced Auto Body Repairer is uniquely placed to lead the industry in the delivery of a consistently high standard of service. As such, I commit SureSafe Licenced Auto Body Repairer to continuously strive for excellence in customer service, repairs and supplier relationships.

Managing Director


SureSafe Underbody Alignment Reports Pty Ltd (SureSafe) is a privately owned Australian company, owned by its licensed operators, and has been in existence for ten years, operating principally in the Melbourne market as a smash repair provider

The founding owner and Manager of SureSafe, Ralph Murdaca, has over 40 years’ experience in owning and operating smash repair shops In establishing SureSafe, Ralph saw a niche in the market for SureSafe created by the dearth of repairers who were prepared to commit themselves totally to working with the work providers (Insurers and Fleet Owners) to provide the required standards of service, quality and safe repairs.

SureSafe are unique in a market place now dominated by the swift consolidation of the Smash repair industry and the emergence of ‘fast’, ‘rapid’ repair facilities that now dominate the market.

The combination of a concentrated focus on the fast turnaround of driveable vehicles with scratches and dents, the consolidation of the industry and the growing shortage of skilled technicians capable of repairing vehicles with

structural damage make for a compelling reason to contemplate SureSafe as a smash repair group that you can trust.

Short cuts associated with the emergence
of the ‘rapid’, fast track, production line methodology has certainly reduced key
to key turnaround times and driven down costs but at what expense? Quality issues resulting from the use of unskilled technicians employed by these facilities have emerged and the flow on from a lack of quality focus and a lack of technical capability is now impacting on the effective repair of structurally damaged vehicles.

SureSafe have a proven capability, focus and commitment to addressing quality issues for both driveable and non-driveable structurally damaged vehicles.

Motor vehicles today are sophisticated in nature with different steels, computer systems, air bags, suspension components which are
all integrated to ensure the vehicle is safe.
Car bench is a tool that provides a level of confidence that many of these sophisticated components can be repaired.

SureSafe as a group are unique in Australia as they are committed to and trained in the use of car bench.

However, without the capability of experienced, well trained, competent and capable technicians who can utilize the equipment to its optimum and repair vehicles following detailed repair methodologies a positive outcome is impossible. SureSafe have the equipment, the technical capability and the systems to ensure quality and ultimately peace of mind for customers, that the vehicle post repair will be safe.

The issue of quality is more than mere aesthetics it goes to the very issue of vehicle safety and the structural integrity of the vehicle.

SureSafe have the systems, equipment and capability to ensure a vehicle is repaired and restored to its original specifications. No short cuts are tolerated in the SureSafe model and the integrity of the vehicles restoration is the prime focus and above all can be accurately measured to determine the effectiveness of the repair.

SureSafe isn’t just about a declaration of commitment to quality its about competence, capability, methodology and the use of sophisticated equipment to realize repair quality. The car bench system is unique in its ability to precisely measure and enable the effective repair of the chassis and suspension of a motor vehicle. This technical system

is regarded as worlds best technology and

endorsed by major manufacturers as the most effective means for ensuring vehicle integrity is restored to manufacturers specifications.

With this in mind, Ralph created the first Licenced Operators System in Australia and developed a culture of total commitment
to the work providers. This set SureSafe apart from every other repairer and repairer group in the country. Today it is standard
for repairers to work closely with work providers, but SureSafe still stands apart, as the commitment and knowledge to meet the insurer and fleet owner clients’ needs it is now embedded in SureSafe’s culture, and we are prepared to adjust our systems to meet any work supplier’s needs. SureSafe have

set rigid repair standards for our Members, and our unique methods of repair used by our Members allow them to excel in the
areas of quality, turnaround time and price competitiveness. We have external auditors and technical scrutineers providing support to the SureSafe repairers.

Since its establishment, SureSafe has grown to be the largest privately owned accident repair network in Metropolitan Melbourne, with numerous branches throughout the region.

Whilst SureSafe services private customers, we also deliver high standard fleet management services, and have established a substantial capability and reputation in the co-ordination of vehicle accident repairs for both company fleets and fleet control companies.

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